Sunday, August 24, 2008

So Random...

I was just uploading some pictures I've taken recently and thought I'd share a few here. First up are a few shots from the Franklin Park Zoo that my mom and I went to on my birthday. I just love this lion. He's the epitome of what I think a lion should look like with his full mane and regal manner. The worker at the lion pen said he is 15 years old, very old for a lion, and I was worried that he would be lonely all alone in the big pen but she said as lions near the end of their lives, they tend to separate themselves from their pride and spend the rest of their days alone, so this solitary life is natural for him. Very interesting!

And this "little" guy is one of the zoo's newest additions - a baby giraffe named Sox, for the Red Sox of course! He is about 8 feet tall, which didn't sound so little until I saw his parents, who are 16 ft. and 18 ft. if I'm remembering correctly! He is very sweet and was such a good little model posing for me!

I think my favorite of the animals were the gorillas, but my pictures of them didn't come out so well since they were behind glass and even with my flash off, everything came out a little blurry. They are such cool animals to watch though and I swear they make eye contact with you and it's a little unnerving! Makes me wonder what they're thinking about all the wackadoo humans on the other side of the glass! There were I think 5 gorillas total, including a baby who was sitting on a ledge right up against the glass, just chewing away on some sort of stick that he had stolen from a bigger gorilla. So cute!

Last night some of my friends had a birthday dinner for me, with my favorite indulgence, lobster, as the main course. We were very excited to have a lobster race across the back deck and were prepared for them to take off as soon we let go. Well, what you see in that picture is all we saw too. The darn things didn't move an inch! My brother says any temperature above 70 degrees is way too hot for them, so they probably didn't feel like moving at all. I don't blame them - I feel the same way when I'm too hot!

We got tired of waiting around for some race action, so decided to let the lobsters have a little social hour. I swear the one with the blue rubber bands was talking! Its little pincher things under its face were going back and forth almost like he was clapping and there was this clicking sound going a mile a minute. I think the one in the yellow was answering too! LOL! We were thinking it would be funny if we had props, like miniature tea cups and whatnot so we could take some more interesting pictures. Hey, people like prints and greeting cards of dogs dressed as people, so why not lobsters?! I think it would be a big hit on Cape Cod!

And finally, I found this picture on my camera and realized I never shared it on here. I had made this for my friend Tracy, who won a "name that movie quote" trivia question I posted on SCS a while back. Just a fun, cheery card for my fun, cheery friend!

Stamps: PTI's Little Lady
Ink: Palette Noir, Barely Banana
Paper: PTI white, Basic Black, Barely Banana
Other: PTI Lemon Burst ribbon, clear spica pen


  1. That is a great pic of the lion! I love the zoo. I'm glad you were able to go. Funny about the lobsters and that ladybug cards is adorable. Love all the yellow!

  2. Great zoo pics! This card is AWESOME! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great pics Jess! I love the name of the giraffe, how appropriate! And I LOVE yellow and your cute card!