Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cherry Turnovers

As promised, here's dessert! I have a magazine sitting on my desk at work with a big juicy cherry pie on the cover. For the purposes of the magazine, the pie is actually representing a graph, and the slices have to do with the results of a survey on salary compensation within my field. For my own purposes, the pie has done nothing but torment me all week long, because I love cherry pie. I LOVE it. It's probably the only pie on the planet where I go just as crazy for the filling as I do for the crust. So tonight, I had to have something with cherry pie filling. For a few seconds I contemplated just buying a can of filling and eating it with a spoon, but then I thought I'd try my hand at turnovers. I just bought a can of crescent roll dough and put a big spoonful of filling in the middle, then pinched up the corners. I ran into some issues because if I put too much filling, the sides wouldn't pinch shut and filling oozed out. On the ones where I cut down on the amount of filling, the flavor is too much crescent and not enough filling. But they're darn tasty anyway, and so super easy! I was wishing I had some confectioner's sugar to make a glaze with, but I didn't. And as usual, my laziness trumped my good idea!


  1. Lol, darn that magazine!!! These look yummalicious!!!!

  2. Oh my yummy goodness! I *love* cherry pie!! If I were at your house, I'd be fighting you for the last bit of ooey gooey goodness at the bottom of the cherry pie filling can. : )